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Perzona Standard

The Perzona Standard is a HYBRID mattress with a 10 cm pressure-relieving foam layer and extra support in the hip zone. Best pressure relief with the support from the Multispring pocket spring and 4 tubes in the hip zone.

Perzona Standard

The best of both worlds.

A good mattress is not only made out of the best materials. It also combines the best of foam and pocket spring in a HYBRID mattress solution. Best pressure-relieving foams with the support of the world’s best pocket springs, by Leggett & Platt.

A ticking you and your mattress deserve.

Like the other Perzona mattresses, the Perzona Standard mattress comes with a unique bi-elastic ticking that follows body contours. The ticking is also permanently anti-bacterial and washable at 60°C. The Perzona Thermocool technology and excellent ventilation properties create a good base for a pleasant climate.

Newest generation Gel-visco foam

The Perzona Standard comes with the new pressure-relieving Triple-F Perzona gel-visco foam. A unique gel-visco foam with excellent pressure-relieving and ventilation properties.

The gel-visco technology regulates the temperature by absorbing your body heat and distributing it over the mattress. Not old-fashioned memory foam – but ‘Fast’, ‘Fit’, and ‘Fresh’.

With extra hip support

The patented Tube Layer System (TLS) provides a visco layer of support. The Perzona Standard mattress has a Tube Layer System (TLS) with 10 cm of pressure-relieving foam with 4 tubes in the hip zone. Tubes made of extra resilient and elastic HR foam. The result is optimal pressure relief with good hip support to allow you to turn easily while sleeping.

Best pocket springs

The PerzonaStandard mattress proves that pressure-relieving sleep can be combined with good support. Underneath the 10 cm of pressure-relieving visco foam is Leggett & Platt’s best spring system. A 7-zone multi-spring pocket spring developed especially for Perzona comprises springs of varying wire thicknesses and diameters. A pocket spring layer with great adaptability which is capable of dealing with the difference in posture between a side – and back sleeper.


The spring system, especially developed for Perzona with Multispring, has great adaptability. Therefore it can help relieve the pressure on your shoulders.

Perzona Double Covers (supplementary)

For a supplement, Perzona Standard mattresses can be fitted with double-size ticking. To each their own comfort without that nasty seam between mattresses. Double Covers are available for level and adjustable beds.

Duo Cover

Double Cover single split

Double Cover double split


Perzona mattresses are made with a focus on the future. Which means sustainable, from fair labour to using as many recycled or natural materials as possible.

15-year guarantee

Through our use of only the best materials, we offer a 15-year guarantee on all our mattresses.

Perzona Individual 14

Perzona Individual 10

Perzona Standard

dimensionsmattress height29 cm27 cm25 cm
mattress hardnesssoft (if desired)--
mediumstandard modelstandard modelstandard model
firm (if desired)
supportmulti-spring with 624 conically shaped pocket spring divided over 7 zones
Side-to-Side mini pocket springs divided over 7 zones--
coverssuitable for all Perzona Double Covers
Warranty15-year guarantee*
100-night trial exchange guarantee*-
free check-up*-
Tubesalways adjustable*-

Your personal mattress with our unique MyScan measuring system

In just 3 steps, you can experience your personal mattress. We use our unique, patented MyScan measuring system to make a 3D scan of your body. Based on that, you will receive advice with customized support configured to your body.

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Perzona individual 14

The combination of the double spring system and 14 customised tubes ensure the right combination of comfort and support as well as an extra conforming ergonomic shoulder zone.

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Perzona individual 10

The mattress is made up of 624 multi-spring pocket springs with 7 zones for high adjustability and 10 custom-made tubes that provide personal support for your body.

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Perzona Standard

A base of multi-spring pocket springs, with extra support from 4 (non-adjustable) tubes around the hip zone.

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