Your MyScan your perzona.

The most personal mattress thanks to the unique Perzona MyScan.

Why pretend that everyone is the same? As if we are all the same length? All sleep the same way? You sleep in your own, unique way. In your personal, custom-made bed. That's why it is time for your own, personalized mattress. Tailormade to fit your way of sleep.

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The patented Tube Layer System (TLS) combines pressure-relieving sleep with extra support. The tubes are embedded in pressure-relieving foam. With the help of our patented 3D measurement system; the Perzona MyScan, the mattress is customized to exactly meet your own personal needs. The results of the MyScan determines the 5 different levels of firmness of the tubes you need, with up to 537.824 variations. Easily and quickly you will experience the right support for your entire body that is especially made according to your specific contours.

perzonal stories.

Demian Demian
Demian Denise
Demian Danny
Demian Anne
Demian Klaas
Demian Ariane

Demian wants a personal design.

The Perzona design appealed to me right away. Designed by Ben Hoek. With a remote control for my bed. My name engraved in the mattress. You see it; I feel it: this is my bed. Period.

What are you looking for in a bed?

Denise wants colour and spirit.

All my friends have black beds: boring box-springs. I don’t want that. I like colour in my home and in my bedroom! It’s okay to be bold!

What are you looking for in a bed?

Danny wants to stay in shape.

It’s important to me to stay in shape and I exercise almost every day to stay as fit as I can be. I have to regenerate within a short time, and to do so I need a bed that fits my body as perfectly as the sports gear I wear.

What are you looking for in a bed?

Anne wants quality.

I view and compare several brands before making a decision. Especially when it concerns something as important as your bed. I really wanted a mattress made for my body, and my life. More and more beds didn’t make the cut. I was quick to choose Perzona.

What are you looking for in a bed?

Klaas wants to enjoy himself.

I worked for years and now I want to enjoy myself. I go on holiday more often and look after my grandchildren a lot. My bedroom is a place where I can find peace, and my bed is very relaxing. I press the relax button on the remote control, and my bed goes into the relax position, which I set myself. It’s lovely.

What are you looking for in a bed?

Ariane wants extra support.

I have a demanding job, am a full-time mother and I enjoy cooking for the whole family on the weekends. That always came very easily to me. But recently, I’ve been having back pain that’s got worse. I tried lots of different mattresses, but I couldn’t find one that was perfect for me. My Perzona is the only mattress that gives me that bit of extra support I need.

What are you looking for in a bed?